About Us

A Service History

Expressions Casting Agency
has been providing our industry with talented performers since 2003. We have built our reputation on providing a first-class service to both our performers and our clients. We only recommend performers who fit our clients’ exact requirements, believing firmly that less is more.

Our services include castings in the following areas:

  • West End productions
  • UK and international theatre tours
  • Film and television shoots
  • Commercials
  • Cruise liner entertainment
  • Voice overs
  • Photographic shoots

At Expressions, we use our industry know-how and experience to select only performers who we believe have a real chance of success. This means that, although there are never any guarantees in our kind of work, we are able to confidently represent our performers safe in the knowledge that their talents have the potential to secure castings and contracts. If selected, performers will join an exclusive number of talented individuals on our books who we represent with honesty and integrity, supporting them in what can often be a challenging industry. As a reflection of our belief in our selection procedure, we do not charge any up front fees, taking only a very competitive commission amount from any contracts actually secured.

In return, aside from talent, we ask our performers for commitment and flexibility, recognising that castings can happen at short notice, on any day of the week.

The agency staff are very helpful. They are also so friendly on the telephone. Nothing is too much trouble.